Cyber Security  Case Studies

Sharing the stories of small business owners and teams who have been affected by cyber attack and how they recovered.

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Case Study - Retail

Company affected: Retail Industry Sydney based Wholesaler/Importer with a turnover of 47 million.

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Case Study - Manufacturing

Company affected: Manufacturing Industry Adelaide based – Engineering, Design and Manufacture of metal components

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Case Study - Finance

Company affected: Financial Industry Sunshine Coast Accountancy Business

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Case Study - Industrial Control Systems

Company potentially affected: Industrial Control Systems ICS that control water for their region

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Case Study - Fashion Industry

Company affected - Client in the Fashion Industry current annual turnover $50m

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Case Study 6 - Australian SME

A junior member of staff, working in an Australian SME, was the victim of a whaling attack.

In collaboration with various cyber security industry professionals, these stories bring to the surface and highlight how localised small businesses have been adversely affected and why. These case studies bring to light real scenarios with testimonials from small businesses across the Nation and how small businesses have been supported through triaging incidents. 

These case studies also outline how these have been actioned in various ways to support small businesses to address cyber security weaknesses and steps to protect and future proof your business.

Our cyber security case studies can support small businesses to understand you are not alone and showcase how the cyber security landscape is regularly changing. These may create awareness around how other businesses similar to yours and how they have worked through challenging dilemmas.

The awareness may impact how your business may apply learnt lessons from past experiences into your own and implementation of new ways of implementing cyber security within your business.

These case studies will highlight real-life cyber security scenarios that small businesses within Australia have had to overcome and respond to. These stories will support you in knowing that you are not alone, and that cyber security does not need to be scary but more about supporting you in your small business and provided various means of opportunities and support that are around you.

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